Publicount - Lightbeam

PCMulti is a universal data logger for a large amount of different sensors. One of all these operating modes is the mode 'MultiLBC'.


MultiLBC is a low budged customer counting system based on lightbarrier technology. All active components off the lightbarrier are built in the MultiLBC so that only a reflector has to be installed at the opposite of the MultiLBC.

The maximum range of the lightbarrier is four meters. So this customer counting solution is only suitable to small entrances. Since the lightbarrier could be affected by bright sunshine, the MultiLBC is not suitable to daylight entrances.

The data logger of the MultiLBC is capable to log up to 45 days. The MultiLBC supports one RS232 and one RS485 interface for its configuration and downloading data from the data logger.

Publicount - Lightbeam

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