Irisys - Gazelle 2 - Thermal

Key Benefits

Faster Installation

The added wireless setup option helps to make installations even easier than previous Gazelle variants.


Fewer Units Required

With a new 90° lens and higher resolution array, many installations can now be covered with fewer units.


Bluetooth Module

With iBeacon™ compatibility, giving you more options for connectivity.


Wide Opening Capability

The wide opening coverage of the Gazelle has been improved on further, with Gazelle2 units now able to work together to cover entrances of up to 50m (160ft) continuously.



Thermal sensing technology preserves the anonymity of those that it counts, as no individual can be identified, while still delivering world-class analytics.

Irisys - Gazelle 2 - Thermal

kr 5 875,00Pris
Sensor variations
    1. Thermal Kinetics based people counting, foraccurate data, collection that also ensures privacy
    2. Integrated Bluetooth and iBeacon capability • DualViewvideo auditing system toverifycount accuracy
    3. FreeValidationToolsoftware
    4. Coverage of entrances in excess of 160ft (50m)wide using the    WideTrackerfeature
    5. Industryleading reliability
    6. Aesthetic mounting and housing options


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