Xovis - PC2 - 3D Kundräknare

3D Kundräknare från Xovis placeras ovanför entrén för att räkna antalet besökare din plats har.


The Xovis 3D person tracking and counting sensors support a wide variety of Retail analysis applications, from standard cost-effective traffic counting up to complex individual full-store tracking. No matter if you need to install sensors in a high-ceiling shopping mall or a low-ceiling store, the PC series portfolio provides the optimal sensor model for every area/height situation. Besides standard applications like traffic counting, zone occupancy, dwell/waiting times and heatmaps, event and object stream data is available for high-level analysis. The Multisensor technology ensures that the applications are not limited to the visible range of a single sensor and the plug-and-play wizard and the standard API guarantee ease of use and easy integration.


The innovative Xovis PC2 people counting sensor with its flexible plug-in architecture opens the door for a wide range of new applications

The basic configuration of the PC2 sensor includes the following services

- People counting

- Zone occupancy


Robust operation
The 3D stereo vision technology is highly robust against all kinds of external influences like shadows, light changes, heat emissions etc. All the 3D image processing is performed on the sensor itself. No additional servers are needed for image processing. In addition, the PC2 features a viewing angle to cover wide passages and large areas with a single sensor.


The PC2 is ideally designed for

- Retail

- Building management

- Access control

- Railway stations

- Public transport

- Shopping malls


Xovis - PC2 - 3D Kundräknare

kr 9 500,00Pris
  • - Plug-and-play configuration

    - Plug-in architecture

    - Easy maintenance without reconfiguration

    - Easy integrated by system integrators

    - 3D stereo vision technology

    - Robust operation

    - Wide viewing angle

    - High level of accuracy up to 99%

    - Local data storage for offline operation

    - Swiss quality product